Do You Feel Your Home Life Is Chaotic?

Is safety a concern?

Have you tried various parenting approaches that haven't worked with your challenging child?
Do you feel like a failure?

You are not a failure. Parenting a challenging child takes a completely different approach. And those parenting techniques you tried in the past likely did not include the critical element that you needed for success: help in implementing the tools. It is very difficult to change your situation with a challenging child without intensive support as you learn and apply the tools.

Healthy Foundations is here to help

Contact us for questions about post-adoption family support and child integration

You'll get solutions such as parent coaching and childhood behavioral therapy.

Our organization has been helping families since 2013. Our team of specialists has over 30 years of experience working with at-risk children and nine years working in the home with parents. You'll learn that parenting a child with trauma doesn't have to be overwhelming.

Sign up for our online parenting class today! We also offer post-adoption family support and post-adoption child integration services. 

Defining Family with a Challenging Child

Why trust our team?

Parents just like you come to us needing help navigating safety issues, arguing, responding to problems and respect. But solutions are not a one-size-fits-all. After participating in our online parenting class you choose the solution that is right for your family. Our Healthy Foundations Family Program strives for an 80% or better improvement in violence, aggression and overall chaos after just 30 days.

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You have options with us

We don't want you to feel hopeless in your parenting journey. At Healthy Foundations, you can learn tools to navigate your child's behavior in parenting at-risk children. We work with adoptive families, parents with trauma and children with mental illness.

Those on Idaho Medicaid may choose from our available therapy options, including:

  • A 90-day in-home program within an hour's drive of Boise, ID
  • A 90-day in-home and online hybrid option outside of the Boise, ID area (but only in Idaho)

Those with private or no insurance may choose from our additional options such as:
  • A 30-day in-home program if within an hour's drive of Boise ID
  • Various parent coaching packages

Your get-back-in-control plan:


Take the online parenting class


Choose your intensive in-home or coaching program


Experience greater safety, hope, and parenting confidence