The Family First Program is now the Healthy Foundations Family Program.

The Healthy Foundations Family Program is designed for you to TAKE CONTROL of your home.
We give you NEW SKILLS to create a strong foundation

AND show you how to implement them IN YOUR HOME to help with your UNIQUE CHALLENGES.
But its more than a program.

​It's a TOOLKIT of brain-based skills for every new challenge and season with your child.

Always remember:

You are the best answer for your child's needs. And we'll guide you to help restore safety, provide hope,
​and give you the parenting confidence you need.

--Dr. Michelle Alden, DHS, LPC, MFT (founder of the HF Family Program)

Elements of the HF Family Program

You get teaching on:

  • ​Values/sense of "family"
  • Social stories
  • Feeling words
  • Use of mantras
  • Appropriate responses
  • ​Becoming a "solid object"
  • Regulation
  • Understanding the ADHD brain

You get support:

  • Hours of coaching in the home or online
  • Guidance for difficult situations
  • Encouragement ​
  • Helpful videos and resources
  • Monthly Facebook Lives with Michelle
  • Available by text and phone for difficult situations

You experience:

  • Back in control
  • Restored safety
  • Practicing of de-escalation skills
  • Elimination of power struggles
  • Following a schedule each day​
  • Keeping them close for bonding