When parents are given new skills and in-home support, ​families can be changed for generations.

Our Team Members Key Characteristics


Parent Focused

​A belief that parents are the best ones to guide their children.



​We can see solutions to complex situations and help parents solve them.



We are not afraid to direct and guide.

When working at HF ​you're signing up to impact families for generations:

When parents don't know how to parent their challenging child, their frustration, discouragement, and hopelessness are overwhelming--especially when their child requires out-of-home support because everything they knew to do didn't work.

At Healthy Foundations, we provide new skills, as well as in-home guides (YOU!) to help implement the skills, so that parents can sleep better at night knowing they can now parent with safety, hope, and confidence.

Because we believe if parents are given the skills they need, along with in-home support, families can be changed for generations.

Everyone at HF is very intentional about:

A positive outlook

We give lots of smiles with​ our upbeat, positive attitude.

Guiding, not leading

We walk ALONGSIDE parents in their journey.


We constantly strive to be better equipped and efficient guides.

All parents deserve the opportunity to know how to parent with safety, hope, and confidence ​to positively impact their family for generations to come.