Sucess story: dad of a 14-year-old

Let me start with - I had major doubts about this program as we have been through too many to count that were in the end, all failures.

We were in complete despair, and I was done trying to help this kid, my daughter. Sounds awful, but I won't apologize for feeling this way. Not many understand what these kids put us through when no one else is around.

When we first met to start the program, I am sure you read me and could tell I was not excited to start yet another program for my out-of-control kid. I did in fact believe, "ok, what kind of happy bullshit are we supposed to learn here." you see, every other program wanted to focus on my daughter, dig up her past hurts, and overcome the issues with happy thoughts to win her over to behave. So yeah, I was not thrilled at all to be in your office to 'learn how to parent better' via more happy thought programming.

I was pleasantly surprised right out of the gate to learn you were going to teach us, especially my wife, how to maintain safety. This gave her incredible confidence when she realized she could physically defend herself and keep our daughter safe at the same time. The posters, family contract, etc., not so excited about, but I am glad I went along with it.

About midway through the process I realized, we did need the training to parent differently and my daughter's feelings/thoughts on the new rules and program were no factor. As a former marine, short background in law enforcement, and a commercial superintendent now most of my life, I was used to giving a direction and it being followed. Especially with my two older kids. We had no problems anywhere near this level, as with my youngest.

Now the program was not easy. And in fact, for not my wife's efforts, I would have failed if alone in it. With our work schedules, a review of what your program required us to do, we came up with a plan with her to spearhead and me to play shortstop when she needed to tag out.

It was tough. Ugh - the 3 foot rule. Sorry we did our best. But this rule was very effective - a must. There were methods you taught us that we had 'ahh-haah' moments on and now continue to employ. And it works! Your program worked.

We are forever grateful. Sincere thanks to you and your team.