The next best thing to helping you in your home, is providing an intensive coaching program that can yield the same results. We'll teach you the skills. Then we'll come alongside you for 90 days to guide you in how to implement them in your specific situations. And we'll be available 24/7 to coach you on how to handle the situation when problems arise and you don't know what to do.

Change your family starting now

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  3. Choose your Family Program option below

Basic Package - 90 days
  • 3 hours a week of support
  • 2 hours a week of private coaching
  • 1 hour Saturday mornings group coaching with other parents
  • 24/7 access to your coach
  • Support resources (videos, trackers, etc.)

Premium Package - 90 days
  • Includes all of the above
  • We spend 4 days with your family at the start (approximately 15 in-home hours)
  • We provide the house (you arrange transportation to and from Boise, ID)
  • In-home services are provided by a certified licensed professional therapist

The tools are so right-on (and brain-based) that even when we didn't do them exactly right--it still worked!. Our family is forever changed. Thank you Michelle for having the understanding and answers for our family when no one else did.

HFF Family