Stay Calm, No Matter What. See The Need Behind The Behavior.
Find A Way To Meet The Need. Don't Quit-if Not You, Then Who?


Dear Parents,

Thank you for considering this avenue of healing and hope for your family.

The most important thing we must teach our children is that they are safe, and they can trust us. First, they must be certain they are safe, even from themselves. Safety is the top priority for everyone in the family. We cannot build relationships when people are continually worried about being hurt. Trauma decreases our ability to connect and build healthy relationships. Often those who have experienced trauma recreate it in their home environment.

Healthy Foundations encourages you, as the parent, to step up and put an end to the trauma occurring in your home due to your child's inability to function in healthy and relational ways. The research shows that families who work hard to keep their children in the home, utilize the services and programs provided in the community, and seek to restore safety and healing, will experience better outcomes. In working with your family, we rely on the current research in regards to the value of in-home, family treatment for children who have experienced trauma, or as Dr. Karyn Purvis says, "come from hard places." We adhere to the work done by Dr. Bruce Perry, Dr. Karyn Purvis, Dr. Dave Ziegler, Dr. Dan Siegel, Brian Post, Heather Forbes, and many more.

We have a multi-dimensional approach which encompasses the assets of Strengthening Families research and resiliency factors. More importantly, we believe strongly that the family is the best healer for the child and any real change within the child will happen in the home.

​Thank You,
​Dr. Michelle Alden, LPC