Success story: mom of 3 adopted from foster care (years later)

I don't know how it happened, but it felt like waking up to a bad nightmare when we finally realized we lost complete control of our family​. Our kids had no boundaries, created chaos whenever they could, would respond defiantly, wouldn't do chores and would sabotage fun at every opportunity.

We talked with so many professionals and read so many books​, but the traditional parenting methods they recommended didn't work--it just felt like it got worse. In retrospect, that makes sense. We weren't bad parents, we just didn't know that parenting very challenging kids takes a different skill set.

If this describes your family, you have to know that it will not get better without a drastic re-setting of the family to build from a strong foundation of new skills. ​I knew it would take a miracle for that to happen with our family--and today, many years later--it does feel like a miracle​. The new foundation was so much more peaceful. At times I don't know if it was because of skills the kids learned in the process, or the new tools we learned so we knew how to handle their craziness.

Either way, ​we are incredibly grateful for the new foundation and that our kids are doing better than we ever imagined​. Don't get me wrong, they were still easily triggered and often impatient, but we knew how to respond differently with more positive outcomes each day. You can do it too. The hf family program will show you how.