Online Parent Training

  • Restore safety.
  • Reduce chaos.
  • Reinvent your family.
  • To be the parent you want to be you need new tools

This 4-hour online parenting class is recommended for every parent struggling with a challenging child.
It is also the first step for any family wanting help in implementing the skills.

Online Parenting Class Overview

  • Philosophy of parents in charge - what structure in the home looks like and the importance of children's responses
  • The ADHD brain - understanding and supporting it
  • Regulation - de-escalation and the power of keeping them close
  • Your family now and in the future - what will it take to get there?

During the parenting class you'll receive:

  • A workbook to reinforce learning of the new tools
  • Interaction with other struggling parents
  • A starting point for hope

Cost of the online training:


If Idaho Medicaid is billed for the training


Private pay

Our Approach to the HF Family Program (which starts with the online parenting class):

1. Is holistic and multidimensional. It is behavioral therapy in that we use a lot of tools that help the child move from negative behavior to positive relational behavior. 

2. Is not focused on stopping the behavior as much as on helping YOU deal with core issues driving the behaviors. We believe behavior is communication and often lets us know there is a disturbance in the health and well-being of the child and the family. 

3. Centers on helping to change brain wiring in the child. This requires a change in

  • how the behaviors are handled
  • The responses we help you to implement 
  • The responses we require from the child

4. We use applied behavior analysis to give tools for building executive functioning skills, impulse control, and effective communication. 

5. The family is encouraged to develop together so we encourage physical work together, meals together, teaching the children to rely on the parents, and increased and more productive family time together.

The parent training is evidenced-based and in line with what is trauma-informed and effective.

HF Family

I would definitely recommend this training. I think it's important to understand boundaries and directives. Having goals generally meant hoping to avoid a meltdown or tantrum. The idea that children should let the adults be in charge, the children completing chores or schoolwork seems so far-fetched at first. Now it seems possible.

HF Parent Training participant